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The Squalid Family is a story written in the snow. One endless night, tragedy strikes: the daughters, Luba and Lisa, go out hunting, but instead of hares they catch a little orphan. The orphan, slightly stupid and savage, shatters this miniature kingdom.

In the play’s prologue is a hypothesis: “history is always about families”. In any tragedy, the family functions as the metonymy of the kingdom. The themes repeat themselves: the outcast’s revenge, the duel between siblings, the rape of the virgin. The Squalid Family uses the same structure: the orphan who returns to take his place; the sisters at loggerheads; the rape of the innocent Lisa. But in this case, Reo’s arrival destroys the previous logic and founds a new order: The Kingdom of Idiots.

  • Text and direction: Lola Arias.
  • With: Mariana Chaud, Laura López Moyano, Horacio Marassi, Emma Luisa Rivera, Lalo Rotaveria.
  • Costume: Alejandro Baamonde, Gabriel Cabuli, Andrea Suarez.
  • Set: Ariel Vaccaro.
  • Lights: Matías Sendón.
  • Music: Gabriel Barredo, Guillermo Jackson, Patricio Lutteral.
  • Director assistant: Walter Jakob.
Opening: 13 October 2001 in the Cultural Center Ricardo Rojas.