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Veterans explores the question of what it means to be a war veteran, in the context of the Malvinas/ Falkland War.

This video installation asks how this war is remembered by those men who were around 18 year-old soldiers in 1982, and are now in 2014, at the age of 50 something, veterans. Each of the veterans reconstructs his experience in a space he currently attends daily: a psychologist re-enacts a bomb explosion at the Psychiatric Hospital where he works, a triathlon champion re-enacts the death of this partner in the swimming pool where he trains every day…All of them perform their war memories like in a time machine that brings their past into their present.

  • Concept and direction: Lola Arias.
  • Performed by Argentinean veterans of the Malvinas/ Falkland War: Guillermo Dellepiane, Daniel Terzano, Marcelo Vallejo, Dario Volonté, Fabián Volonté.
  • Mise en scene: Nele Wohlatz, Ignacio Masllorens.
  • Cinematography: Manuel Abramovich.
  • Camera: Manuel Abramovich, Ignacio Masllorens.
  • Sound: Francisco Pedemonte, Facundo Moreno.
  • Production: Sofía Medici, Luz Algranti.
  • Editing: Alejo Moguillansky.
  • Editing Collaboration: Nele Wohlatz.
  • Translation: Daniel Tunnard.
VETERANS was presented at:
Royal Court Theatre London
Theaterformen Festival Braunschweig
KAAI Brussels
Weinberg / Newton Gallery Chicago
Parque de la Memoria (as part of the exhibition Stunt double)