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What is the trilogy?
The trilogy shows one character’s past, future, and dreams, by exploring intimacy and distance, reality and representation in love.

REVOLVER DREAM tests reality, love and dreams. How do I know whether I’m awake or asleep? A strange night in the life of teenager and a man living in a post-nuclear Buenos Aires, with blackouts that last for months, organized crime fighting over control of every neighborhood, and men and women sleeping with revolvers under their pillows.

Teenager: My nose is bleeding…Now I remember what I was dreaming when the Chinese woke me up. I was dreaming about my wedding. I was walking down the aisle in a church with blind children holding my really long train. As I was walking my nose started bleeding like crazy and it stained the wedding dress. There was a man standing at the altar with his back to me and when I took my veil off to kiss him, I realized he had no face. His face was covered with knee skin, all wrinkly, with no eyes or mouth or nose. So I took a revolver out of my wedding dress. It was a 32 caliber…

  • Writer and Director: Lola Arias.
  • With: Inés Efron, Gonzalo Martínez.
  • Sound Design: Ulises Conti.
  • Set Design: Leandro Tartaglia.
  • Lighting: Matías Sendón.
  • Assistant Directors: Eugenia Schor, Alfredo Staffolani.