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What is the trilogy?
The trilogy shows one character’s past, future, and dreams, by exploring intimacy and distance, reality and representation in love.

STRIPTEASE takes a shot at the death of love. If a baby is the fruit of love and love were to die, might the baby then commit suicide? The main actor of this play is a baby. Like spies, the spectators witness a telephone duel between a man and a woman while a baby sleeps, drinks milk, etc. The fictional space of the play is constantly being intervened upon by the actions of a baby, who is pure life in its most rebellious aspect.

Man: I think babies dream of God.
Woman: Because they saw him before they were born?
Man: No. Because God is a baby and is inside all babies until they begin to talk.
Woman: And after that?
Man: In the exact moment in which they utter the first syllable, God leaves their body and abandons them forever…
Woman: I look at him and I don’t understand him. He’s like a blank page. Yesterday when I was giving him his bath he stuck his head underwater for ages…Do you think babies can commit suicide?

  • Writer and Director: Lola Arias.
  • With: Natalia Miranda, Umaia Kanoore Edul (baby), Gonzalo Martínez.
  • Sound Design: Ulises Conti.
  • Set Design: Leandro Tartaglia.
  • Lighting: Matías Sendón.
  • Assistant Directors: Eugenia Schor, Alfredo Staffolani.