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Entropía, Buenos Aires - 2007


Man: I think babies dream of God.

Woman: Because they saw him before they were born?

Man: No. Because God is a baby and is inside all babies until they begin to talk.

Woman: And after that?

Man: In the exact moment in which they utter the first syllable, God leaves their body and abandons them forever…

Woman: I look at him and I don’t understand him. He’s like a blank page. Yesterday when I was giving him his bath he stuck his head underwater for ages…Do you think babies can commit suicide?

Revolver dreams

Teenager: My nose is bleeding…now I remember what I was dreaming when the Chinese woke me up. I was dreaming about my wedding. I was walking down the aisle in a church with blind children holding my really long train. As I was walking my nose started bleeding like crazy and it stained the wedding dress. There was a man standing at the altar with his back to me and when I took my veil off to kiss him, I realized he had no face. His face was covered with knee skin, all wrinkly, with no eyes or mouth or nose. So I took a revolver out of my wedding dress. It was a 32 calibre…

Love is a sniper:

Love is a striptease in which not only do you take off your clothes, but you also strip off your organs: your heart, your brain, your stomach. I don’t ever want to fall in love again.