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What is the trilogy?
The trilogy shows one character’s past, future, and dreams, by exploring intimacy and distance, reality and representation in love.

LOVE IS A SNIPER is a Russian roulette played by suicidal lovers. The organizer of the game is an eleven-year-old girl. It involves six players, like the six bullets in the chamber of the revolver: the Shy Boy, Beauty, the Boxer, the Country Girl, the Don Juan, and the Stripper. A rock band plays during the game.

The play is a photo album with confessions, live songs, crying contests, boxing matches, the reconstruction of dreams, dance choreographies. Like a dream repeating itself with slight variations, a different character dies at the end of each performance.

  • Directors: Lola Arias, Alejo Moguillansky.
  • Text: Lola Arias.
  • With: Luciana Acuña. Lola Arias, Esteban Lamothe, Alfredo Martín, Julia Martinez Rubio, Ignacio Rogers, Lucia Sternichia Kaplan.
  • Choreography: Luciana Acuña.
  • Live Musicians: Ulises Conti, Andrés Ravioli.
  • Original Score: Ulises Conti, Lola Arias.
  • Set Design: Leandro Tartaglia.
  • Lighting: Matías Sendón.
  • Photography: Lorena Fernandez.
  • Assistant Director: Juan Devoto.