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What are the first words you have to learn? How to adapt to the others? And how do you live in two countries at the same time: one within your own house and the other outside on the streets?

When a family moves to another country children are the first ones to integrate, to understand this new world. In school they are learning the language, the history, the customs – and they transform within a few months in the translators of their parents. They accompanying them to the employment center, the supermarket or the doctor and they translate very complex issues. With ten, eleven years they take great responsibilities: they know about the illness of the mother, the salary of the father or the bureaucratic procedures to get unemployment benefit.

Using the example of Bulgarian kids living in Bremen, Lola Arias develops a scenic tutorial which reflects upon how to start a new life in Germany.

  • Text and Regie: Lola Arias.
  • With: Yozer Ahmed
, Alisia Emilova, Asavela Gabrielli, Emilia Mattukat, Richard Mattukat, Izel Shtilyanov, Dzhaner Sprostranov, Leo Weiske, Julia Sol Wolff, Emil Yuseinov, Emilia Yuseinov
  • Kids coach: Nathalie Forstman
  • Set: Dominic Huber

  • Video: Mikko Gaestel

  • Costume: Alexandra Morales

  • Music : Ulises Conti

  • LIghts: Tim Schulten
  • Dramaturgie: Sabrina Bohl
  • Production: Nathalie Forstman, Christiane Renziehausen

  • Translation: Eva Befeld, Elif Patarla
  • Assitants Directors: Friederike Schubert,
Eva Matz, Isabelle Heyne
  • Set Assistant: Sofia Korcinskaja
  • Costume Assistant: Foelke Wagner
  • Production assistant: Ewa Górecki
  • Artistic collaboration: Christiane Renziehausen
  • Technical coordinator (Inspizienz) Lena Maire, Michael Mrukwa