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I fought with my twin, that enemy within, ‘til both of us fell by the way (Bob Dylan).


We are born alone, but twins are born together. We feel unique, but identical twins are doubles. Twins are an exception of nature that makes us think about who we are. How much of our identity is written in our blood? How much is a result of the way we grow up? How much is just coincidence?

The work of Lola Arias plays with the borderline between reality and fiction. Esther Becker, actress, and Anna K. Becker, director, are identical twins. They were born from the same egg at the same time, they were raised together, they do theatre together. All their life, they were on opposite sides of a mirror.

Inspired by their personal experiences as well as other twin stories and studies, the Argentinian author and director Lola Arias developed this piece. As a never ending song, a love letter to the alter ego, a speech for two voices sharing memories, thoughts, fears, fictions and scientific results, this monologue in stereo reflects how we construct our identity in the mirror of the other.


  • Text and Direction Lola Arias.
  • With: Anna K. Becker and Esther Becker.
  • Concept: Becker, Becker, Arias.
  • Music: Ulises Conti.
  • Set: Dominic Huber, blendwerk.
  • Video: Mikko Gaestel & Stefan Schmied, Expander Film.
  • Choreographic Collaboration: Tamara Saphir.
  • Production and Assistant Director: Jana Burbach, Rahel Haeseler.
This play was presented in:

HAU Berlin
Festival Theaterformen, Branchweig
Kaserne, Bassel
Gessnerallee, Zurich