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In 1982, Argentina and UK fought the Malvinas Falklands War. The war ended with the British military victory and took about 1.000 lives, both British and Argentinean. While the conflict took place years ago, the sovereignty of the islands is still in dispute.

Theatre of War tells the story of how six veterans from the Malvinas/ Falklands War came together to make a film. Almost thirty-five years after the conflict, three British and three Argentine veterans spent months together discussing their war memories and then rehearsing their re-enactment.

This film is a way of showing the whole social experiment of making an artistic project with one-time enemies of war: the auditions to find the protagonists, the first meetings and discussions with them, the theatrical re-enactments of their memories in different scenarios: a swimming pool, a construction site, a military regiment. All the scenes in the film are at the same time authentic and artificial. Sometimes it looks like it’s happening for the first time, sometimes it’s a highly rehearsed situation.

The film playfully switches between reality and fiction, spontaneity and acting. It explores how to transform a soldier into an actor, how to turn war experiences into a story, how to show the collateral effects of war. The movie brings together former enemies to perform their wartime and post-war nightmares.

  • Written and directed by Lola Arias
  • With Lou Armour, David Jackson, Rubén Otero, Sukrim Rai, Gabriel Sagastume, Marcelo Vallejo
  • Produced by Gema Juárez Allen and Alejandra Grinschpun
  • Coproduced by Bettina Walter, Ingmar Trost, Pedro Saleh
  • Project doctor: Alan Pauls
  • Director of Photography and Camara / Artistic collaboration: Manuel Abramovich
  • Gaffer and additional camera: Armin Marchesini Weihmuller
  • Gaffer: Francisco Nishimoto
  • Camara assistants: Agustín Boero, Camila López Pozner, Ayelén López
  • Runner: Manuel Berisso
  • Editing: Anita Remón, Alejo Hoijman
  • Editing assistants: Noelia Couto, Verónica de Cata
  • Research: Luz Algranti and Sofía Medici
  • Artistic assistance: Lucila Piffer
  • Artistic advice: Alejo Moguillansky and Graciela Speranza
  • Sound design: Sofía Straface (ASA)
  • Sound recording: Julia Huberman, Martín Vaisman, Pablo Trilnik
  • Sound recording assistants: Maximiliano Llovet Menesses, Paula Ramírez, Nicolás Yaya, Diego Sánchez, Joaquín Rajadle, Nicolás de la Valentina
  • Foley artist: Francisco Rizzi (ASA)
  • Foley recordist: Martín Scaglia (ASA)
  • Dialogue mixer: Lucas Meyer (ASA)
  • Re-recording mixer: Sebastián González (ASA)
  • Re-recording studio: El cono del silencio
  • Color grading: Laura Viviani, Crows Nest PCG
  • Production coordinators: Carla Rosmino, Francisco Novick
  • Line producer: Adrián Fiszbejn
  • Production runners: Agustina Barzola Würth, Imanol López
  • Production Intern: Valentín Álvarez Such
  • Post production supervisor and VFX producer: Leandro Vitali, Pedro Lijeron Vargas
  • Post production consultant: Leo Hans, Jonathan smecke
  • Make-up artist: Soledad Alonso
  • Camera Munich: Mikko Gaestel
  • Sound recording Munich: Drik Krecker
  • Graphic designer: Diego Berakha
  • Credits designer: Agustín Ceretti
  • Translators and interpreters: Erika Teichert, Ana Victoria Quiroz, James Albert Surges, Laxcha Bantawa, Michel Steinberg, Daniel Tunnard
This film was selected for the 68 Berlinale Forum (DE) and SXSW 2018 (US).

It received the CICAE Award and the Award of the Ecumenical Jury at 68 Berlinale.