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Could it happen that what we experience in dreams in the future will be as real as in real life? What new words will there be in our language? What relationship might exist between pornographic literature and the revolution? What would the world be like if only women went to war?

Poses for Sleeping is a futuristic play performed like an old romance story illustrated with photos. The plot revolves around four characters: Nadia, the pyromaniac, and her husband Bruno, the pilot; Jota, the pornographer, and his daughter, a teenage soldier. The story begins when Nadia and Bruno arrive in a foreign country and move into an apartment next door to Jota and Tao. From then on, these four characters bump into each other by chance, falling in love with each other, like characters in a comedy of intrigue in a post-nuclear world.

  • Text and direction: Lola Arias.
  • With: Blas Arrese Igor, Javier Drolas, Inés Efrón, Julieta Vallina.
  • Costume: Alejandro Bamonde.
  • Lights: Matías Sendón.
  • Music: Ulises Conti.
  • Assistant: Francisco García Faure, Silvina López Medín.