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2011 — 10

Who are these ghosts who come into our room when we’re not there? Where do they come from? A war zone, an economic crisis, a suburb? What have they experienced, what do they know about other people’s lives? How many naked bodies, flooded bathrooms, dishevelled beds, sleeping people, strange clothes and smells do they encounter in the course of one day?

“Maids” is an installation composed of biographies. Each visitor adopts the role of a chambermaid responsible for five rooms per hour. But instead of cleaning, the audience spends the hour walking through the five rooms, where they discover portraits of the cleaning staff: films, original voice recordings and photographs that bring to light something of the invisible spirits who clean up after others.

HOTEL Berlin:
Ibis Anhalter Banhoff.
With: José Angel Hernandez Garcia, Jinrong Li, Bich Müller, Susanne Stalder, Jean Gaston Tagne.
Set, video and sound: Mikko Gaestel / Expander.
German translator: Huberta von Wangenheim.
Artistic collaboration and Assistant: Kerstin Lenhart.

HOTEL Buenos Aires:
Ibis Hotel Congreso, Hipólito Yrigoyen 1592.
With: Edith Vallejos, Cecilia Albano, Patricia Laura Amarilla, Luisa Carina Soría, Iris Lagos.
Video, assistant director,: Nele Wohlatz.
Video, sound: Marcos Medici.

HOTEL Zurich:
Ibis Hotel, Schiffbaustrasse 11, 8005 Zürich.
With: Carlos Alexandre de Aguiar Cordeiro, Chandravathani Krishnakumar, Valjeta Jasiqui, Hakima Ulrich, Zulfije Ziendi.
Video: Andi A. Müller.
Sound: Markus Keller.
Assistant & Translation: Jessica Kordulla.
Scenography assistant: Moïra Gilliéron

HOTEL Warsaw
Ibis Hotel, Ul. Muranowska 2.
With: Barbara Lesiak, Beata Nadstawna, Edyta Pachulczak, Karolina Rutkowska, Krystyna Wisniewska.
Video: Jakub Kowalczyk.
Assistant: Anna Stapor.
Scenography assistant: Olga Bednarz.

HOTEL Utrecht
Ibis Utrecht.
With: Virginia Makatini, Kadriye Dogan (Albatros Hospitality).
Assistant for interviews: Rozemarijn Morreau.
Sound: Iwan van Wijk.
Set: Mikko Gaestel.
Scenography assistant: Trudy Hekman.
Technical assistant: Bart Haakman.