Lola Arias

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Lola Arias


MY LIFE AFTER and other texts

Random House - 2016

Written and performed over several years, My life after, The year I was born and Melancholy and Demonstrations are, however, a trilogy around the same idea: children rebuilding the lives of their parents through photos, films, letters and memories.

In these triplet plays, Lola Arias rewrites the 70s and 80s in Argentina and Chile through the pieces of an emotional deconstruction of the family past, as a political document, as social chronic or as an intimate, lucid and highly original diary.

The author develops her theatrical method and questions the coral telling of history in works that transform the biography of the actors and, at the same time, the world they document.

  • Texts: Lola Arias
  • Design: Jazmín Berakha
  • Photos: Lorena Fernández