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Studies of Loving Memory is a performance essay on the relationship between memory and love, inspired by Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes. The audience is guided in small groups through the basement of the Colón Theatre where they come across domestic scenes: a woman telling her daughter a dream as she washes her underwear, a professor and his female student trying to piece together the night they spent together, two old women reconstructing the first time they slept with someone… Each scene illustrates a problem of amnesia or excess of memory, as if they were quotations from a treatise on love.

  • Text and direction: Lola Arias.
  • With: Valeria Roldán, Paloma Cruciani, Mariana Chaud, Alejandro Vizzotti, Mariano Speratti, Emma Rivera, María Elena Mobi, Viviana Vásquez, Horacio Banega, Laura López Moyano, Agustín Vásquez.
  • Lights: Matías Sendón.
  • Sound: Federico Marrale.
  • Art: Nushi Muntaabsky.
  • Director asistant: Julián D’Angiolillo.
Opening in Centro Experimental del Teatro Colón with the support of Fundación Antorchas, 2003.